Getting More Than One Copy of Calm the Chaos


And What's a Celebration Without Gifts!

To celebrate your commitment to preorder multiple books, we've put together some pretty fun gifts just for you
People have been asking...

 How can I get more than one book to SHARE?

Well, we think we've put together something pretty spectacular to make it super easy AND exciting to purchase more than one copy of Calm the Chaos.


Not Sure Which Bundle is Right for You?

 No worries, we've got you covered.

Below, we've broken down each bundle, who's it's perfect for, and the yummy goodies you get at each level. (Hint: The more books you grab, the better the gifts).

Scroll below to find the perfect bundle for you! Only want one book, no worries, just head over here to grab your copy. 

'You Are Not Alone' 3 Book Bundle

Your exclusive permission slip to be seen, valued, and heard

  • You've ever felt like you are the only parent struggling to get their kid to do their homework, brush their teeth without a fight or go to bed when you ask.

  • You struggle to get through each day with your sanity in tact without feeling exhausted and defeated at every turn

  • You have no one that truly understands your kiddo and what you go through each day (even your spouse or partner tells you that you are "letting your kid get away with everything"

When you order 3 or More Books

Here are Your Exclusive Gifts

(to help you Calm the Chaos even more)

All the Amazing Gifts for ordering One COPY

⭐ 7 Days to Less Chaos Fast Track Workshop ($97 value)

⭐ Behind the Scenes: The Making of Calm the Chaos Replay ($97 value)

⭐ Calm the Chaos Toolkit: Cheatsheets for Easy Implementation ($150 value)


⭐ Gift #1: No Time No Problem Course & Toolkit ($499 value)

⭐ Gift #2: Navigating Different Parenting Styles Masterclass ($197 value)

Multi Book Landing Page Mockups
You are not alone. Get the help you need.

Grab a copy for yourself, one for your child's teacher, and a family member.

Heck, you could even leave one copy in the doctors lounge so no other mama has to feel so alone.

'Empowered Leader' 10 Book Bundle

Your permission to lead, to inspire, & to empower

  • You are dedicated to your child and would stop at nothing to help your child feel seen, heard and valued, no matter who they are with. 

  • You celebrate your child's uniqueness and find yourself constantly advocating for yourself, your child and how to help your child thrive in any environment. 

  • You are already part of school groups, mom circles, support groups, book clubs, or the PTA and love sharing resources with others

When you order 10 or More Books

Here are Your Exclusive Gifts

(to help you Calm the Chaos even more)

All the Amazing Gifts for ordering THREE COPIES

⭐ 7 Days to Less Chaos Fast Track Workshop ($97 value) 

⭐ Behind the Scenes: The Making of Calm the Chaos Replay ($97 value) 

⭐ Calm the Chaos Toolkit: Cheatsheets for Easy Implementation ($150 value) 

⭐ Gift #1: No Time No Problem Course & Toolkit ($499 value) 

⭐ Gift #2: Navigating Different Parenting Styles Masterclass ($197 value)


⭐ Gift #3: Book Club in a Box Facilitation Kit ($150 value)

⭐ Gift #4: Advocate Allies “Difficult Conversation” Toolkit ($97 value) 

You already share with everyone you meet.

Now, have the perfect tool to make it easier.

Not sure you know 10 people? Give 5 away and keep 5 for a Book Club. 

'Community Builder' 25 Book Bundle

Be the hero for your community. 

  • Your go-to way of survival is to surround yourself with others going through the same thing as you. You join facebook groups just so you don't have to do hard days alone. 

  • You are a leader and a giver, constantly sharing worth-while resources with those you care about, such as book clubs, school groups, or possibly your own memberships. 

  • You are a teacher, counselor, therapist, doctor, or lead of small organizations where parents are in desperate need of resources that actually work. 

When you order 25 or More Books

Here are Your Exclusive Gifts

(to help you Calm the Chaos even more)

All the Amazing Gifts for ordering TEN COPIES:

⭐ 7 Days to Less Chaos Fast Track Workshop ($97 value) 

⭐ Behind the Scenes: The Making of Calm the Chaos Replay ($97 value) 

⭐ Calm the Chaos Toolkit: Cheatsheets for Easy Implementation ($150 value) 

Gift #1: No Time No Problem Course & Toolkit ($499 value) 

Gift #2: Navigating Different Parenting Styles Masterclass ($197 value)

Gift #3: Book Club in a Box Facilitation Kit ($150 value) 

Gift #4: Advocate Allies "Difficult Conversation" Toolkit ($97 value)

PLUS... Live Training with Dayna

⭐ LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE: 30 Minute Personalized Virtual Training with Dayna (for your whole group) ($1000 value) 

Gift the Gift of Calm to Your Whole Group

Grab a copy for each member, do a raffle, or create a lending library.

Not only will they get the life-changing roadmap, they'll get their questions answered and specific feedback from Dayna, herself. 

There are only 10 of these slots available and are on a first come first served basis.

*For quantities of 25 or more, please write to and we'll help!

What are these New Courses You Speak Of?

Check out these BRAND NEW Trainings

(to help you Calm the Chaos even more)

Discover How to:

⭐ Strengthen communication with your partner or coparent, fostering a harmonious parenting approach.

⭐ Confidently address conflicts arising from diverse parenting styles, promoting understanding and cooperation.

⭐ Empower yourself with effective strategies to navigate parenting challenges, ensuring a united front in your parenting journey.


Discover How to:

⭐ Boost your executive functioning skills, mastering time management and reducing overwhelm.

⭐ Increase your energy levels, allowing you to be more present and engaged with your children.

⭐ Learn efficient strategies to overcome procrastination, making time for what truly matters in your life.

Discover How to:

⭐ Create a supportive and inspiring book club community, where parents can learn and grow together.

⭐ Facilitate engaging discussions about parenting topics, fostering deep connections and insights.

⭐ Enjoy the experience of guiding and sharing wisdom with others on their parenting journey.

ctc-plans (1)

Discover How to:

⭐ Navigate difficult conversations with confidence and grace, advocating for your parenting choices.

⭐ Cultivate a supportive network of allies who understand and respect your parenting approach.

⭐ Empower yourself to share the valuable insights of Calm the Chaos with others, spreading its positive impact.

Discover How to:

⭐ Receive personalized expert guidance, tailored to address your specific parenting challenges.

⭐ Deepen your understanding of key topics from Calm the Chaos, gaining valuable insights for your family.

⭐ Have your burning questions answered, providing clarity and direction on your parenting journey.

The 'You are Not Alone' Book Bundle
When you order 3+ Books

All of the Calm The Chaos Pre-Order Bonuses (7 Days to Less Chaos Series, Behind the Scenes Making of The Book, Your Super-powered Family Toolkit), plus... No Time No Problem, Different Parenting Styles

When you order 3+ Books
The 'Empowered Leader' Book Bundle
When you order 10+ Books

Everything in the 'You are Not Alone' Bundle, plus...Book Club in A Box & Advocate Allies

When you order 10+ Books
The 'Community Builder' Book Bundle
When you order 25+ Books

Everything in the 'Empowered Leader' Bundle, plus...a Personalized Zoom Session for you and your group

When you order 25+ Books

What are early readers saying about the book?


I know, you might be thinking, "I don't even know 25 people" and I get it. But when you pause for a moment, you'll realize just how many people you know that need Calm the Chaos in their life. Here are a few ideas:

⭐ Recommend the book on parenting platforms.

⭐ Gift the book to parents seeking guidance.

⭐ Exchange copies with relatives for a parenting knowledge boost.

⭐ Share the book during playdates with fellow parents.

⭐ Surprise a friend with a copy over coffee or tea.

⭐ Start a virtual club and explore the book together.

⭐ Donate a copy to your local library for others to enjoy.

⭐ Share the book with support group members.

⭐ Offer a copy to your child's teacher as a valuable resource.

⭐ Leave copies at community gathering spots.

⭐ Welcome new parents with a heartfelt book present.

⭐ Donate copies to local wellness centers.

⭐ Gift copies to friends via mail.

⭐ Gift the book at parenting meetups.

⭐ Leave copies in little free libraries.

Your Friends Are Already Struggling

But are too afraid to speak up.

Grab a stack of books and spread the light at the end of the tunnel. 

You are not alone.
You are a good parent and so are your friends.
With Calm the Chaos, you can now have the tool you've both been missing.

Don't be afraid to share. In fact, Here's a script you can borrow:

"Hey friend, I notice you've been struggling lately with (insert kid's name).
I want you to know I see you.
You are doing a great job.
I have a book that really helped me, and I think it can help you too.
The best thing about the book is the author reminds us that we aren't alone and we are exactly the parent our kid needs.
You got this."

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